Monthly Archives: March 2020

Centre Stage; A Little Scientist

Caregivers and babies enter the theatre space. As nappy bags and strollers are put on the side and shoes are being removed, an atmosphere of questionable anticipation can be felt: What did we buy tickets for? Look at all these babies together, theatre for babies? What will happen? A baby boy, on his mother’s hip, […]

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Njunju Nxumalo – Theatre4Youth Assistant

One of the key experiences recommended during your time as an undergraduate is doing an internship. Gaining work experience is key for boosting your employability. That’s why, during my third year at City Varsity, I thought it was a smart move to start applying for all internships that were in line with my career, rather […]

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Mmapula Raphotle – Kickstarter Assistant

The internship as presented to me first-hand seemed to be an excellent match for my skills and interests, but it turned out there was so much more, newfound knowledge for me as a creative; I improved and acquired new skills and found different ways to apply them both in work and personal development level. Thanks […]

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ASSITEJ SA’s response to COVID-19

After both the WHO’s announcement of COVID 19 as a global pandemic, and the President of the Republic of South Africa’s declaration of a state of disaster on 15th March, ASSITEJ SA will be following all relevant protocols and measures as set out by the relevant health authorities. As a network organisation, our duty is […]

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President of ASSITEJ: Updated World Day Message 2020

The need for Compassion & Empathy Since we launched our World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People campaign, which leads up to the 20th March, with the slogan #Takeachildtothetheatre, much has changed. For many children in many parts of the world it is not practical, possible or advised to take children to the […]

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ASSITEJ SA Chairperson: 2020 World Day Message

World Theatre Day – Take a child to the theatre in 2020 There is a term in theatre; “suspension of disbelief”. During this time we allow our minds to believe the otherwise unbelievable. We get lost in the imagination and escape to a different world. A world that mirrors and/or illuminates our real world and […]

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