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16-May  Cape Times – Cradle of Creativity Overview

31-May  Die Burger – article by Willemien

22-Jun    Tahlequah Daily Press – Interview with Candice Byrd 

23-Jun    Mail and Guardian: Cradle of Creativity by Faye Kabali-Kagwa

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Lereko Mfono talks about new writing for young audiences


22-May  Cape Talk  – Tracey Saunders interview

May      Saturdays Role with Reno – Interview of Jaqueline Dommisse by Renos Spanoudes



12-December-2018 Artslink – ASSITEJ Family Season launches at UJ

25-September-2018 Artslink – 100 years, 100 stories of history #Assitejsa

25-September-2018 Artslink – Huge Shout out to all who made Hilton great

19-September-2018 Artslink – Pillowfort Theatre Performance and Workshops

17-September-2018 Artslink – National Children’s theatre presents Chiffonade

08-September-2018 Artslink – ASSITEJ SA and IFAS present Chiffonade

31-August-2018 Artslink – Redfest hosts quality youth theatre

30-August-2018 Artslink – BASA Awards 2018 Finalists Announced

24-July-2018 Artslink Do you write plays for children or youth?

10-August-2018 Artslink – Hilton Arts festival programme announced

27-June-2018 Artslink PACE Launches at Vrystaat Arts festival

25-June-2018 Artslink – Cradle of Creativity 2019 Launches

25-June-2018 Artslink – Naledi Theatre Awards all the winners

27-June-2018 Artslink – PACE Launches at Vrystaat Arts festival

20-June-2018 Artslink – In Tribute to Francois Theron 

19-June-2018 Artslink – Celebrating the Naledi TYA Winners

17-May-2018 Artslink – Redfest Showcases Naledi nominated productions

28-March-2018 Artslink – Waterwise Galela is making a splash

23-March-2018 Artslink – Chiffonade – dance for toddlers and young audiences

20-March-2018 Artslink – BASA Backs the Take a Child to the Theatre day

14-March-2018 Artslink – Take a Child to the Theatre in 2018

13-03-2018 Artslink- #SACOConf2018: Creative Economy in sharp focus

01-03-2018 Artslink – The curtain rises on the NSA Festival of the Arts



15/09/2017 – Artslink –  RedFest 2017 announces patrons for 2017

08/09/2017 – Artslink – ASSITEJ SA/Naledi Showcase at #Redfest

15/06/2017 – Artslink – ASSITEJ SA bids farewell to Yusrah Bardien

10/05/2017 – Artslink – The Underground Library for Cradle of Creativity

17-May  Weekend Special  – Cradle of Creativity Overview  by Tracey Saunders

17-May   – Cradle of Creativity Overview

18-May  Weekend Special  – Cradle of Creativity Day 1  by Tracey Saunders

21-May  Weekend Special  -by Tracey Saunders

22-May  IATA at Cradle

25-May  Weekend Special by Tracey Saunders

26-May  Arts on the Horizon   Reflection

1-Jun     Ming Ri Institute for Arts Education Reflection by Simon Wong

12-Jun    ASSITEJ Belgium : World Congress

13-Jun    Classic Feel Summary

16-Jun    Design Indaba  – Article about early years theatre

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25-May  The Big Issue Photo spread


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The Opening Ceremony at the Cradle of Creativity


Cradle Blogs

11-jun    Navigating the Cradle; How to measure Quality; Maps and Memory

New Visions New Voices: Thoughts and thanks by Jon Keevy


In which a writer returns from a journey

Inspiring a Generation Blogs:

Eliot Moleba writes about international collaborations:


Jenine Collocott writes about Being Inspired in Denmark

Briony Horwitz writes about her experiences in Denmark:

Theatre: Inspiring A Generation Or Oh, Happy Dane: Part The Second

Theatre: Inspiring A Generation Or Oh, Happy Dane

“All the World’s a Stage……..”

Kyla Davis blogs about the ASSITEJ World Congress of 2011: