Kickstarter Assistant (Johannesburg) – Intern


 Job Purpose

  • To assist the Kickstarter manager in all logistics leading up to training of a network of artists in educational mediation and teacher mentoring in the Creative Arts.
  • Together with the Kickstarter manager, to develop strategies to identify the sector’s needs and determine strategies for collaborative work with future sustainability.
  • To assist the Kickstarter manager to facilitate and coordinate the initial training, and then the termly/quarterly training of teachers, as well as all on-site mentorship and creative and cultural mentorship of the selected schools in various provinces.
  • To ensure the success of the programme, by assisting in overseeing all elements of monitoring and evaluation and overseeing all strategic and logistical elements of the project.

Key Responsibilities

  • To handle basic office administration tasks, including mailing, filing, data collection, obtaining quotations, office errands and communication
  • To handle logistics around the programme in assistance of the Kickstarter manager, with guidance from the Finance and Operations Manager, and to liaise directly with schools, teachers and artist-facilitators to ensure smooth running of the programme;
  • To write communication materials about the project as required, including blog posts, reports and social media notifications when needed;
  • To assist with the planning of workshops and the development of educational materials and lesson plans;
  • To assist the Kickstarter manager in maintaining and delivering detailed records and reports of the project, including ongoing and detailed monitoring and evaluation, as per the specifications of the funder and to deadline as required;
  • To communicate regularly with the Kickstarter manager ASSITEJ SA head office and funders to ensure project remains on track;
  • To arrange the practical logistics for workshops and activities, including the purchasing of workshop materials, storage and documentation of all activities for the purposes of reporting and archiving;
  • To act as local liaison for ASSITEJ SA Arts Education programmes, based in Gauteng province, and be a source of general information for ASSITEJ SA;