Marketing and Communications (Cape town) – Intern


Job Purpose

1               To profile ASSITEJ SA and to communicate projects, programmes and policies about ASSITEJ SA  on all online platforms and to market the Association to the general public and to key target markets;

2               To market ASSITEJ SA as a national brand;

3               To support aspects of the marketing and communications plan for the Cradle of Creativity, International TYA Festival, in 2019 and to communicate about all aspects of the event to all relevant parties.


1.             To implement and report on a strategically planned marketing and communications programme and plan for ASSITEJ SA, in collaboration with a Publicist.

2.             To project a profile of ASSITEJ SA into the public and corporate space, through key messaging and compelling content stories.

3.             To profile certain key projects of ASSITEJ SA through press releases and social media.

4.             To market the Cradle of Creativity to schools, general audiences and to delegates, and to communicate about all aspects of the event to all relevant parties.

5.             To market all other events and projects of ASSITEJ SA where appropriate.

6.             To assist with creating content for key communication and marketing channels e.g. website, monthly newsletters, social media, project videos, etc.

7.             To feed information on all activities nationally to the ASSITEJ SA head office to ensure visibility of the project/s and of activities in which members are engaged (liaising with members and with provincial Theatre4Youth reps to gather content).

8.                     To monitor Google Analytics and provide an overview of our website and social media statistics

9.                     To archive all mentions of ASSITEJ and ASSITEJ SA online, and to ensure a systematic approach to documentation in terms of collection and labelling of photographs, articles and other materials.