Theatre4Youth Assistant (Johannesburg) – Intern


Job Purpose

  • Assisting the Theatre4youth Gauteng co ordinator to manage ASSITEJ‘s core programme Theatre4Youth, and its web-based interactive theatre and education catalogue – – its services and sustainability in GAUTENG under the guidance of the Theatre4Youth National Manager & the ASSITEJ SA Director.
  • Assisting the Theatre4youth Gauteng co ordinator to design and implement a strategically planned project rollout for Theatre4Youth by communicating, networking and lobbying to engage with theatre companies, schools, libraries, ECD centres, NGOs, theatre practitioners and funders in the province.
  • Assisting the National Manager with supporting participation in and incubation for Cradle of Creativity from Gauteng, and surrounding provinces.
  • Assisting to develop strategies to foster collaborations between the stakeholders to advocate for the role of arts in education, identify the sector’s needs and determine strategies for collaborative work.

Key Responsibilities

  • Managing practical aspects of the ASSITEJ SA JHB office, including coffee and tea, supplies (paper, printer cartridges and kitchen and bathroom supplies) and ensuring proper ASSITEJ storage of materials, and organisation of supplies.
  • Assisting with audience development and outreach to schools, creches and youth groups in GAUTENG, as well as working on child/youth audiences for tours, ASSITEJ SA / Naledi Showcases / Family Festivals and other events in the province;
  • Feeding information on all activities in the province to the ASSITEJ SA head office to ensure visibility of the project/s and of activities in which members are engaged;
  • Assisting theTheatre4youth Gauteng co ordinator by popularising, populating and updating the newly designed Theatre4Youth website database ongoingly with both schools and theatre companies;
  • Assisting to produce an updated print catalogue of Theatre4Youth, which is representative of the work happening in GAUTENG and across the country;
  • Maintaining detailed records and reports of all projects in which thr provincial team is engaged;
  • Working with the National Manager and ASSITEJ team to collate all data into annual and funding reports, and for monitoring and evaluation purposes;
  • Assisting the Theatre4youth Gauteng co ordinator in organising specific activities designed to create synergies between theatre and education in GAUTENG, and assisting the logistics of setting up a minimum of one workshop a week to either schools, members, artists, and provincial representatives, amongst others;
  • Supporting selected individuals or companies logistically and administratively as they strive to tour their work to schools, or carry out other activities;
  • Contributing to ASSITEJ SA’s social media presence and assisting with blog posts, press releases and other social media platforms where relevant;
  • Contributing towards the success of local events such as the Festival of the Arts, ASSITEJ workshops, forums and other related partnership events, where necessary;
  • Acting as local liaison for ASSITEJ SA in GAUTENG, and being a source of information for the organisation. …/Ends