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ASSITEJ SA aims to promote and foster theatre for children and young people, to raise standards within the industry, to increase access and awareness, to lobby where necessary and to build relationships within the sector locally, nationally, across the continent and globally.

ASSITEJ South Africa is a registered NPO and Section 18A, which operates as a networking platform for people working with or interested in theatre for children and young people. 

It is the registered national centre of ASSITEJ (the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People, which works in around 100 countries across the world) and is a member of ACYTA (African Children and Youth Theatre Arena), which brings together 17 African countries with ASSITEJ centres.

Members include: individuals such as actors, musicians, dancers, directors, choreographers, theatre educators, stage designers, dramatists, critics, cultural journalists, researchers and cultural officers, as well as organisations, such as theatre companies, NGOs, institutions, amateur drama groups, societies, schools, crèches, and other networks.

ASSITEJ South Africa works to promote international awareness of South African theatre for children and young people, through networking, organising exchanges, touring performances, and by facilitating contacts. Members are given access to a global network of information about festivals, performances, courses and seminars all over the world, with the potential to participate in these activities.


Our main aim is to facilitate the development of theatre for children and young people at the highest artistic level, and to ensure that children and young people everywhere in our country have access to theatre.

ASSITEJ SA focuses on:
  • Creating access to the arts by providing workshops, performances, festivals and arts experiences for children, young people and families, nationally.
  • Empowering education by supporting educators to use the arts as a resource in schools. Engaging with stakeholders, i.e. government, education, principals and teachers, to bridge the gaps between the arts and education.
  • Supporting and developing emerging and established theatre makers and companies working for young audiences.
  • Connecting and advocating for the role of the arts in the lives of children and young people, including promoting international connections and partnerships. Engaging with the international network spanning over 100 countries. Collaborating with South African and international organisations and institutions to provide a unified vison.

NOTE: ASSITEJ SA is not an agent or employment broker. ASSITEJ SA is also not a funding agency, although at times ASSITEJ SA may be able to provide direct support to members through specific projects on an ad-hoc basis. ASSITEJ SA reserves the right to not support a member with a particular project or production should it not be possible or appropriate to do so.

  1. Monthly newsletters and regular updates on what is happening in South Africa, across Africa and the World in theatre for children and young people;
  2. Contacts and networking opportunities for exchanges, skills transfer and development, touring, involvement in projects, collaborations, publications and more through regional meetings, and both ongoing and once-off projects;
  3. Access to practical support, training, mentorship and advice for your organization as you deliver quality theatre for children and young people;
  4. Free registration in Theatre4Youth, the Interactive Education and Theatre Catalogue and related promotion and marketing, for productions touring to schools (see ON REQUEST;
  5. In collaboration with members, assistance in touring productions to schools, crèches and festivals, as well as opportunities to apply for support and mentorship;
  6. Showcasing opportunities for your productions at one of the ASSITEJ SA showcases, platforms or festivals;
  7. Reduced rates on workshops, theatre productions and other skills-development opportunities;
  8. Access to resources, including human resources, educational resources, and physical resources, where possible;
  9. Visibility and opportunities to participate within ASSITEJ SA, the African Children and Youth Theatre Arena (ACYTA) and ASSITEJ (the international organization);
  10. Information about festivals, touring opportunities, workshops, collaborations and development opportunities across the continent and across the globe, and support in taking up these opportunities where possible, including endorsements and references where appropriate;
  11. The opportunity to submit press releases via ASSITEJ SA’s Artslink account for a discounted rate;
  12. Opportunities to share your skills, experience and knowledge with the ASSITEJ SA community.
  1. Keep us updated about your activities so that we are able to market them in the newsletter, on social media and in other places.
  2. Let us know about your goals and strategies. If there are ways we can partner with you to help you achieve your goals, we will do so where appropriate and possible.
  3. READ THE NEWSLETTER and apply for the opportunities. We can’t stress this enough! Every month there are a host of opportunities. If you are not sure whether something is relevant to you, ask. You need to be a paid-up member to make use of ASSITEJ SA opportunities.
  4. Create high quality DVD materials, online links to videos of your work and professional print materials so that we are able to market your work internationally.
  5. Invite us to your productions so that we are able to engage with you, give you feedback and get to know you better as an artist.
  6. Provide us with all the necessary details for your registration to the Theatre4Youth online catalogue, or update your details yourself – it’s easy. Your Theatre4Youth Administrator will be happy to assist with the process.
  7. Attend ASSITEJ SA events so that you can see other theatre for young audiences, meet other artists and share with others. It’s a NETWORK after all!
  8. Acknowledge ASSITEJ SA when we assist you, partner with you, market your work or otherwise help you. This way we build awareness of ASSITEJ SA nationally and globally, allowing for better buy-in from partners and supporters and ensuring that we are able to do more for you and for theatre for young audiences in South Africa generally!
  9. To learn more, contact your provincial Theatre4Youth coordinator.
Membership types:

R300 Annual Membership or 8 hours volunteering for ASSITEJ (to be arranged with provincial ASSITEJ rep)


R150 Annual Membership or 4 hours volunteering for ASSITEJ (to be arranged with provincial ASSITEJ rep)


R80 Annual Membership or 4 hours volunteering for ASSITEJ (to be arranged with provincial ASSITEJ rep)


Become a lifetime member of ASSITEJ SA, by paying a once-off joining fee. This fee is R2500 for individuals and R5000 for organisations. Be featured as an ASSITEJ Lifetime member on our website.

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