1. Regular newsletters and updates on what is happening in South Africa, across Africa and the world in theatre and performing arts for children and young people;
  2. Introductions to contacts and networking opportunities for exchanges, skills transfer, mentoring, touring, collaborations, and publications;
  3. Involvement in ongoing and once-off ASSITEJ SA projects;
  4. Support for funding applications, including help with drafting applications, endorsements and references, where appropriate;
  5. Access to regional and international meetings, webinars and festivals;
  6. Access to practical support, training, mentorship and advice for yourself or your organisation;
  7. Free registration in Theatre4Youth, the Interactive Education and Theatre Catalogue, for productions wanting to access school audiences (see;
  8. Help to tour productions locally or internationally, to schools, crèches, theatres and festivals with ASSITEJ SA as producer, or as support;
  9. Opportunities to present your productions at ASSITEJ SA showcases, platforms or festivals;
  10. Reduced rates and/or free access to workshops, theatre productions and other skills-development opportunities;
  11. Access to ASSITEJ SA resources, including human resources, educational resources, and physical resources;
  12. Visibility and opportunities to participate within ASSITEJ SA, the African Children and Youth Theatre Arena (ACYTA) and ASSITEJ (the international organization);
  13. Information about festivals, touring opportunities, workshops, collaborations and development opportunities across the continent and across the globe;
  14. Discounted press releases via ASSITEJ SA’s Artslink account;
  15. Opportunities to share your skills, experience and knowledge with ASSITEJ SA members and the international community.



Network and connect to ASSITEJ members locally and internationally, get a foot in the door while you are studying, get support with setting up your first company or production. Get connected to create a softer landing in the industry.

R80 Annual Membership or 4 hours volunteering for ASSITEJ (to be arranged with provincial ASSITEJ rep)


This is for artists, educators or anyone working in the space of performing arts for, by and with young people. Engage in a vibrant network with a wealth of local and international opportunities on offer. We provide letters of support, practical help with marketing your work or finding the right production for your learners; access to local and international events and showcases and much more.

R150 Annual Membership or 4 hours volunteering for ASSITEJ (to be arranged with provincial ASSITEJ rep).


This is for companies, schools, organisations and institutions, where you want more than one person to benefit from the membership. Organisational membership allows for three or more persons to receive our newsletter directly, and for ASSITEJ SA to partner with you to promote your work, your festivals, tours, runs or programmes, while providing assistance and support where needed. 

R300 Annual Membership or 8 hours volunteering for ASSITEJ (to be arranged with provincial ASSITEJ rep)


This once-off joining fee is R2500.00 for individuals and R5000.00 for organisations.  It means that you never have to be reminded about your fees again, but it also means that you are directly invested in the future of theatre and performing arts for children and young people in South Africa. As a Lifetime Member, you are featured on our website and are considered an Ambassador of the association.


To join or renew your membership:

Make Payment

ASSITEJ South Africa Bank Details: (When making payment, please use your organizational name or surname (individual member) as reference.) If you require an invoice, please request it on

Account number:1944 208 127
Branch Code:194405
Name of Account holder:ASSITEJ South Africa

Please Note:

ASSITEJ SA is not an agent or employment broker. ASSITEJ SA is also not a funding agency, although at times ASSITEJ SA may be able to provide direct support to members through specific projects on an ad-hoc basis. 

ASSITEJ SA membership involves commitment to the vision, mission, and values of the international ASSITEJ and of ASSITEJ SA.  

ASSITEJ SA reserves the right to not support a member with a particular project or production should it not be possible or appropriate to do so, or if it is felt that their work does not reflect the values of the association.