Mar 23, 2020

Mmapula Raphotle – Kickstarter Assistant

Mmapula Raphotle

The internship as presented to me first-hand seemed to be an excellent match for my skills and interests, but it turned out there was so much more, newfound knowledge for me as a creative; I improved and acquired new skills and found different ways to apply them both in work and personal development level.

Thanks to ASSITEJ South Africa for the opportunity and also to allow me to put my skills into practice and gain a better understanding of different ways to navigate in the creative arts and mostly in theatre spaces in a more formal way. I am very grateful for being part of the Kickstarter Creative Arts Education Program and for the exposure and the positive impact it has made in schools, communities and also to local artists, by providing them with a practical space. Through this project, I believe I am fully immersed in what it means to do professional work for young audiences and I am really excited about my work in my immediate future.