22 Feb 2021

The feel-good NEW DAY (Gotta Get Up) was written and produced by Liebah Masango and Ayanda Yumba, both National School of the Arts matriculants.

The song released on the 4th November, just in time for the start of the 2020 National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams. “We want this song to give matrics energy and encouragement because there is so much we have to deal with right now,” said Liebah Masango, the lead vocalist and songwriter.

Liebah, 18, co-wrote the song with fellow matriculant Ayanda Yumba, 18, who produced it. The catchy upbeat song promises to motivate the matrics during this time of exams encouraging them to persevere despite the challenges of COVID 19. They came up with the lyrics in the practice room at the NSA after they had completed their final practical exams. Liebah recalls feeling excited about starting her matric year, receiving her matric jacket, and reflects nostalgically on all the plans the class had. Then everything came to a screeching halt in March with the lockdown. Dreams deferred, matric dance cancelled, and a whole range of feelings washed over them as they had to reimagine their matric year, the steppingstone to the rest of their lives. Lockdown separated them, at least temporarily, from their teachers and from each other. Ayanda said that being cut off from the support of his peers was one of the greatest challenges he faced as a matriculant.

“Just breathe” is one refrain in the song, which the songwriters took from a workshop they had with ASSITEJ SA and the Outreach Foundation. They encourage matrics to stay calm and relax through all the stress and loss which has shaped their milestone year. Liebah and Ayanda also wanted to encourage matrics to seize the day and get pumped up for their exams. It is their gift to the Matric Class of 2020.

As South Africa’s Leading School of Specialisation in Performing and Creative Arts, the NSA attracts gifted teenagers from across South Africa. Within a full academic curriculum, four specialist art subjects: art, drama, dance, and music, are offered. Both Liebah and Ayanda are Music learners at the NSA. Liebah plays the piano, saxophone, drums and bass guitar. Next year she plans to attend AFDA in Cape Town. Ayanda plays the drums, piano, and bass guitar. He has worked with the likes of Priddy Ugly, Sjava, and other South African recording artists. He is extremely passionate about sound and music post-production, and next year he will attend the Academy of Sound Engineering, majoring in audio technology.

NSA matriculants are part of the 21 Acts of Goodness for the Matric Class of 2020, a project launched in July by the Old Mutual Foundation, because of the impact of the coronavirus on matriculants, and to support them in the period leading up to the NSC exams. The NSA also put together a digital Memory Book for the Matric Class of 2020: https://www.facebook.com/memorybook2020

The New Day song caps off the 21 Acts of Goodness project, which ends this week. It was officially be released online through Facebook Live and YouTube on 4 November 2020. Check out the NSA Instagram page @nsaartschool.

For information:
Brenda Sakallerides, NSA Artistic Director 082 600 6739 | sakellaridesb@artschool.co.za
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