February 15, 2018

Highlights from 5 years with ASSITEJ SA

Throughout the years, my experience with ASSITEJ SA has remained delightful and educational; without this, I feel that I would not have grown to be who I am today. ASSITEJ saw that I had potential and helped me believe in myself.


I have written and directed a few plays for Vrygrond Ingcungela Players, and performed one of my very own poems with them at the Baxter Theatre. ASSITEJ has taken me to places I never imagined myself in and through them, I also met people that I grew up looking up to, and that has built my confidence. Every day I work on improving myself and my talents as a writer and actress, as a result, I have decided to be an intern for ASSITEJ SA this year. This is the first step towards a bright future for myself. I look forward to being the voice for the youth and learning more about myself and my capabilities.


#WalkTogether event with the elders
I spent some time with this lady from Khayelitsha Site C and learnt something about knitting.



Graca Machel was one of the elders that we performed for at the #WalkTogether event, she is also one of my role models and my favourite from The Elders.


I grew up seeing him on my favourite daily soapie  “Generations”; I never dreamt of taking a picture with him, he made me believe that I can go far if I follow my heart to my dreams.



By Ongeziwe Pakade

Assitej SA Intern

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