iStimela Sendaba: The storytelling train is still moving on

9 Jul 2021

So many things have happened in this first half of 2021 and we at ASSITEJ SA and Play Africa have managed to broaden our network, bringing more storytelling coach-conductors on board the story train, iStimela Sendaba. After five weeks of storytelling mentorship between 5 mentors and 20 storytellers, we travelled to all nine provinces with these 25 artists to bring you 50 stories in the eleven official languages of South Africa. Our varied audiences consisted of children and adults of varied ages in theatres, creches, schools, neighbours, community centres – basically the whole family.

We have been listening to some of the first stories ever told and why it is so important to continue to tell stories. We’ve been talking and unpacking. Reminding ourselves why stories are so important in our lives, no matter where we stand on the globe or the culture we identify with. All our stories will come coupled with fun educational material that helps us explore what we have heard, also giving us the opportunities to be exposed to different languages and new ways of learning and perceiving. Stories are part of the fabric of how we communicate. How we celebrate ourselves and express who we are to others. We want to continue to share this celebration with the rest of South Africa and the world at large.

iStimela Sendaba 2021 returns to vNAF, bringing a daily story from a storyteller based in a different part of South Africa. The story train is all about passing on the wonderful African tradition of storytelling and bringing it into the modern day – stories feed our curiosity and imaginations, develop a love of learning, and connect us to others. Aimed at children aged 4-10, each session explores a new story told by a vibrant and energetic storyteller. Being in the Zoom room will give you the opportunity to enjoy the story with others, and have some creative fun together.  

Get on the train daily with Tsholofelo Shounyane, our resident host and her friend, Nonki, from 8 – 17 July 12h00.

Choo Choo! We can’t wait to meet and have fun with you. 

You Can watch these stories as much as you want on our Youtube Channel. Like, Subscribe and share your thoughts with us on our channel.  You may find good educational resources too here.

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