Nal’ibali Children’s’ Festival in Soweto

25 Nov 2017


Nal’ibali Children’s Festival

Some highlights from the Nali’ibali Children’s Festival @ the Jabuvu Library in Soweto. The children were tasked with recreating storybooks through using theatre and were given the platform to showcase their work to each other.” all the children enjoy coming to the library and reading books and I think it is because they get to perform the stories to each other. They’ll use costume, props, their bodies and basically anything to tell the story. We enjoy our jobs even more as librarians” said Lulu Makongoza, an employee at the Jabavu Library in Soweto





This collaboration, between Literature and Theatre, has certainly put us one step closer to educating, empowering and entertaining children and young audiences across the country.

Thank you Sizwe Vilakazi , Franco M. Kamanga, FUNda Leaders Team and Nal’ibali for inviting ASSITEJ -SA, lets continue to advocate for the accessibility of quality Theatre and Literature for all children and young audiences


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