Take a child to the ‘theatre’ and …

18 Mar 2023

I recently braced the night to experience the groove culture. It was surreal.

I was in a cab, travelling with a young person when the question came up: Can you dance?

I was not sure whether to let loose and dance, because I love dancing and I pick up moves real fast. Or whether I should just reply with a yes or no answer. I chose to go with both. I said yes, and started following my body, shaking to the rhythm of the night.

Happy phases call for celebration and fun.

On March 20, we recognise the importance of theatre and performance as an invaluable contribution toward the wellbeing of children and young people. In my case, the day reminds me of the importance of developing good stories through ethical research. The question of whether I can dance has reminded me about the power of vulnerability, as I endeavour to embrace diverse stories. I learnt that when one is vulnerable,  one is more open to learn about themselves and others. Therefore, the willingness to learn filled me with power.

Can you dance?

Yes, and …

Every writer can attest to the importance of research in writing about anything. The groove culture is something that has recently piqued my interest. This “Take a child to the theatre day”, I will be writing something about the groove culture. I feel drawn to pen something about it. Learning, reading or witnessing some of the work that you, our members, do for children and young audiences is something that is music to my ears, and it moves me. Hearing stories of the impact of theatre through the voices of young people makes me dance. Happy faces call for celebration and fun.

– Lalu Mokuku is the Chairperson of ASSITEJ SA and a member of ASSITEJ International EC. She is currently involved in a mental health project for students in institutions of higher learning.


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