Welcome Our New Interns 2019

25 Apr 2019

In April ASSITEJ SA has welcomed five lovely interns to our organization with the help of First Rand.  We have three interns assisting us in our Cape Town office, and two in our Johannesburg office at the National School of the Arts . The interns have already done their induction which introduced them to their new working environment, and each and every day for them is a learning journey.

As you know we are always excited to bring young, fresh minds to contribute to our on-going mission to bring theatre to our youth while creating opportunities for knowledge sharing and skills building. We are excited to walk this journey with them.

So, let’s welcome

    Msawenkosi Mfikili (After School Game Changer Assistant)

    Noluvuyo Jepe (Finance & Admin Assistant)

    Mmapula Raphotle (Kickstarter Assistant)

    Njunju Nontobeko Nxumalo (Theatre4Youth Assistant)

    Akhona Jolingana (Marketing & Communication Assistant)

Msawenkosi Mfikili

Hello fellow people in the artistic world! My name is Msawenkosi Mfikili, the young vibrant and vigilant After School Game Changer Assistant for 2019 in Cape Town. I’m very fascinated and enthusiastic about the opportunity that ASSITEJ SA has granted me to bridge the gap in theatre, and also to promote and be part of creating theatre for children by young people through education and access creation. I believe that if you can’t run you have to walk, and if you can’t walk then you have to crawl, because the aim is to keep moving. Being an ASSITEJ SA intern would be my stepping stone to my advanced Diploma in Theatre Making, as this has been my dream since I can remember.

–    Msawenkosi Mfikili

After School Game Changer Assistant

Noluvuyo Jepe

My name is Noluvuyo Jepe, I am the new Finance and Admin Assistant in Cape Town for the next 12 months. I am very excited to have been offered this opportunity at ASSITEJ SA. I am looking forward to learn more in Finance and the NPO itself. Working for Assitej SA is more of a dream come true for me as I am always looking for new ways to engage with communities and the youth. I believe that the future is in the hands of our youth. Being an intern at Assitej SA will also help me in completing my diploma.

–    Noluvuyo Jepe

Finance & Admin Assistant

Njunju Nontobeko Nxumalo

My name is Njunju Nontobeko Nxumalo. I am the new Theatre4Youth Assistant in Johannesburg for the next 12 months. I am a creative and energetic gem that is greatly excited for this opportunity to be part of ASSITEJ SA. I am looking forward to learning more about creating additional platforms in theatre for a young audiences and the NPO itself. Being part of Assitej SA is a privilege, more especially because I have a background in theatre and I’ll proudly be able to engage and inject my knowledge into my work environment. Being an intern at Assitej SA is not only a place of work but a place to advance and further my knowledge and to grow as an individual. Assitej SA brings so many art related opportunities and I couldn’t be happier with this experience.

–    Nontobeko Nxumalo

Theatre4Youth Assistant

Mmapula Raphotle

My name is Mmapula Raphotle. I am the new Kickstarter Assistant in Johannesburg. For the next 12 months, I will be an intern of ASSITEJ SA. I am very excited about my job opportunity and I am looking forward to learning more about Assitej SA and their Kickstarter Creative Arts Project. I think more than being an intern and assisting Assitej SA has created an opportunity for me as an individual to be exposed to the creative environment which also forms part of my artistic journey. Most importantly I am looking forward to fully express myself and have fun while being at ASSITEJ SA.

–  Mmapula Raphotle

Kickstarter Assistant

Akhona Jolingana

Hi! My name is Akhona Jolingana. I am the new Marketing & Communication Assistant in Cape Town. For this  year I will be an intern of ASSITEJ SOUTH AFRICA! I am very excited about my job opportunity at ASSITEJ SA. I am looking forward to being part of this growing movement of bringing theatre close to our communities and creating platforms for children and young people. At the same time I am looking forward to learning every technique that there is in Marketing & Communication. I cannot wait to be challenged more and be part of organizing “Cradle of Creativity” one the biggest international event that Assitej SA is planning to host in 2019!

–  Akhona Jolingana

Marketing & Communication Assistant

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